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Joan FallonJoan Fallon

Technology Council

CEO CureMark, Rye, New York

Dr. Fallon brings to Curemark visionary science and its application to multiple disease targets. Having filed her first patent application in 1999, Dr. Fallon has worked to research autism and related disorders as well as to bring her findings to a platform for commercialization. Dr. Fallon has both clinical and academic experience. As a seasoned clinician, she worked as a pediatric chiropractor for 25 years specializing in pediatric development. She taught anatomy, physiology and developmental biology as an assistant professor of natural science and mathematics at Yeshiva University, in addition to lecturing about pediatric development around the world. Dr. Fallon served on the advisory board for Oxford health plans, as well as on the boards of numerous not for profits. Dr. Fallon's discovery of the biomarker for autism and ADHD and her vast array of the intellectual property in the area of gastrointestinal secretory deficiencies, forms the basis of Curemark. As a pediatric specialist she was one of the first physicians of any type to enter Romania and to help determine the state of the Romanian orphanages. She served as an advisor to the NewYork Yankees for disability services for the new Yankee Stadium. She has a BA degree from Franklin and Marshall College, a DC degree from Palmer University, and has completed her work for the MSc in clinical investigation from Harvard University's joint program with Massachusetts General Hospital.